730. Central Storage


A room or building that is used to store equipment or materials and that serves multiple room use categories, organizational units, or buildings.


The concept of central or general is key to applying this code correctly. The vast majority of storage rooms on campus are service rooms (e.g., 115, 215, 355, 615, etc.) that directly support a primary activity room or room group; for example, a paper storage room (see 315) can serve several offices (see 310) in an area. Service storage rooms are somewhat close to the areas they serve and are used more than occasionally. Central storage areas include areas commonly called warehouses, surplus storage, central campus supply or storage and inactive storage. A storage room incidentally used to store janitorial supplies would remain in this category. It also includes storage rooms in a building or building area that serve multiple rooms use categories and which are used for general or surplus (e.g., furniture, equipment) collection or storage. The 730 code can usually be used for all storage areas that do not qualify as service rooms. Source: U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics. (2006). Postsecondary Education Facilities