680. Meeting Room


A room that is used by the institution or the public for a variety of nonclass meetings.


The key concept here is public availability. Conference Rooms (350) are often confused with meeting rooms because they are both primarily used for nonclass meetings. However, conference rooms are restricted service components of an office complex or used by office occupants of a specific area and are generally limited to staff meetings or other departmental nonclass activities. Although it may be assigned to a specific organizational unit, a meeting room is more available and open to study groups, boards, governing groups, community groups, various student groups, nonemployees of the institution, and various combinations of institutional and community members. Meeting rooms in institutional hotels or motels and other for-fee meeting rooms are included in this category. Meeting rooms may be configured like classrooms (i.e., with participant focus to the front of the room), and may be equipped with a variety of furniture types (e.g., tables and chairs, lounge-type furniture, tablet armchairs, or a large table) in various combinations and arrangements. Source: U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics. (2006). Postsecondary Education Facilities