410. Study Room


A room or area used by individuals to study at their convenience, which is not restricted to a particular subject or discipline by contained equipment.


Includes study or reading rooms located in libraries, residential facilities, academic or student service facilities, study carrel and booth areas, and similar rooms which are intended for general study purposes. Study stations may be grouped, as in a library reading room, or individualized, as in a carrel. Study stations may include microcomputers, typewriters, computer terminals, microform readers, or other multimedia equipment. The category Study Room includes rooms commonly termed “learning labs” or “computer labs” if they are not restricted to specific disciplines by contained equipment or software. Study rooms are primarily used by students or staff for learning at their convenience, although access may be restricted by a controlling unit (e.g., departmental study room). Source: U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics. (2006). Postsecondary Education Facilities